2021MarketReview | Fairview Capital

Fairview Capital’s 2021 Market Review of Woman and Minority-Owned

Private Equity and
Venture Capital Firms

In our latest report, we share Fairview’s data on the size, evolution, and current characteristics of the universe of woman and minority-owned private equity and venture capital firms (firms majority owned by women and/or ethnic minorities in the US). In 2021, we found that this set of diverse private equity and venture capital firms is larger and more dynamic than ever before.

woman and minority-
owned firms in market
raising capital

Fairview observed a record 280 woman and minority-owned firm in market raising capital during the year, up from 234 firms in 2020.

first-time woman
and minority-
owned funds

In 2021, a record 175 first-time woman and minority-owned funds were in market raising capital, representing 63% of the opportunity set

target fund

With median fund size of $100 million, the woman and minority-owned fund opportunity set significantly skews towards smaller funds.

of woman and minority-
owned firms raised
venture capital funds

The diverse manager investment opportunity is increasingly found in venture capital, with 76% of woman and minority-owned firms raising venture capital funds during the year, up from 72% in 2020.