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The Rise of Blockchain

In recent years Bitcoin has become a household name and has given rise to a global cryptocurrency market. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to hold tremendous potential value as a medium of exchange, it is the underlying distributed ledger technology, blockchain, which has emerged to truly capture the interest of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, financial institutions and other corporations. This newsletter explores the ecosystem and investment opportunity developing around blockchain technology from a venture capital perspective.

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Mid-Year 2016 Update on Woman and Minority-Owned Firms

The universe of woman and minority-owned private equity and venture capital firms continued to evolve in the first half of 2016. While still underrepresented, these managers cover a wider range of strategies, industries and geographies than ever before. Fairview’s latest report on this segment of the market covers recent developments, market trends and characteristics of the opportunity set based on the firm’s proprietary database of diverse managers.

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Machine Learning: Predictive Software and the Next Wave of Information Technology Innovation

Advancements in machine learning technology are poised to pave the way for the next wave of technological innovation. The technology has a broad range of applications including fraud detection, voice and image recognition, virtual agents, search, marketing, medical diagnosis and bioinformatics. While innovation is occurring across the landscape, startups, in many ways, remain uniquely positioned to capitalize on the coming proliferation of applications. This newsletter explores the technology and ecosystem as well as the investment opportunity from a venture capital perspective.

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The Value of Ethnic and Gender Diversity in Private Equity and Venture Capital

Increasing ethnic and gender diversity in private equity and venture capital, as well as in the entrepreneurial workforce in which managers invest, has been one of the hottest topics in our industry. Thus far, diversity efforts in private equity and venture capital have lagged industry at large, but a strong push is being made to increase the diversity of investment leadership teams and the workforce. Fairview’s latest newsletter shares the Firm’s views on the topic and covers many of the efforts underway to accelerate the pace of change.

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As the first private equity investment management firm to broadly articulate the investment opportunity with diverse managers, Fairview maintains one of the most robust databases in the industry on woman and minority-owned firms.Fairview has put together a report that highlights key characteristics and trends exhibited by this segment of the private equity market in 2015.

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The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy is garnering significant attention as an area of early-stage venture capital investing. Driven by innovative apps, inexpensive cloud computing and the widespread use of mobile devices, the Sharing Economy has captured both the imagination of the public and the investment dollars of venture capital investors. Fairview's latest research examines the trends driving the sharing economy, keys to success, potential challenges and venture capital activity in the space.

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The Los Angeles Venture Capital Ecosystem

Venture capital investors have increasingly been deploying capital into Los Angeles area companies, fueling the maturation of the local startup environment. In this version of the View, we examine the long-term drivers supporting growth in the region and contributing to the emergence of the startup and venture ecosystem. We also cover some of the top companies to emerge from the area, the developing investment dynamic with respect to locally-based firms and the outlook for future investment opportunities.

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The Internet of Things

In recent years, ubiquitous connectivity coupled with the advancements in, and ever decreasing costs of, sensors, computing, storage and bandwidth have paved the way for a rapidly rising segment of information technology – the Internet of Things. In this version of the View, Fairview provides an overview of the Internet of Things and the range of opportunities its development presents. Venture capital activity in the space is examined, along with the investment approaches firms have taken. An outlook for future opportunities is also presented.

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The Seed Investment Landscape

Seed investment activity has increased dramatically over the last three years due to fundamental changes in the dynamics of the venture capital industry. While investors across the venture capital spectrum, from angel investors to traditional venture capital firms, may engage in seed investments, the industry has recently witnessed a proliferation of dedicated seed funds and firms. In this version of the View, Fairview examines the recent trends in seed investment activity, the dynamics of seed deals and how institutional investors can best identify and access the best opportunities.

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Update on Healthcare Venture Capital

Over the last decade, the healthcare industry has experienced significant innovation, reform and expansion, which in turn has created an environment and engine for continued business formation and growth. Venture capital investors thrive in such environments and healthcare, broadly speaking, is one of the most dynamic sectors in venture capital investing. In this version of the View, Fairview examines the recent trends in healthcare venture capital and provides an outlook for the future.

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JoAnn Price on Dow Jones’ Spreecast on Women in Private Equity.

On Wednesday, February 5th Fairview Co-Founder JoAnn Price appeared on Dow Jones’ Spreecast on Women in Private Equity. The Spreecast was hosted by Private Equity Analyst’s Laura Kreutzer and featured a discussion on the Rothstein Kass report, "Women in Alternative Investments: A Marathon, Not a Sprint." The Spreecast can be viewed below:

JoAnn Price Honored by White House as YMCA Champion of Change

JoAnn Price, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fairview and a member of the board of directors of the YMCA of Greater Hartford and Wilson Gray YMCA Youth and Family Center , was among twelve people honored at the White House in June as YMCA “Champions of Change.” Honorees were recognized for their efforts in transforming communities and making them better places to live.

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JoAnn Price Honored at Women’s Private Equity Summit

Fairview Co-Founder and Managing Partner JoAnn Price was honored recently with the Trailblazer Award at the sixth annual Women's Private Equity Summit in Half Moon Bay, California. The award was in honor of her “considerable contributions to the field of private equity and venture capital.” JoAnn also participated in a keynote interview at the Summit with Fairview Co-Founder and Managing Partner Larry Morse.

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Venture Debt: An Appealing Hybrid Strategy

Venture debt has always been a part of the venture capital landscape, though its purpose and use have evolved over time. In today’s low interest rate environment, investors are taking a harder look at opportunities to back venture debt funds as a way to enhance returns in credit and fixed income portfolios without taking on undue risk or increased volatility. Read More

Fairview Co-Founder and Managing Partner JoAnn Price Inducted to NAIC Hall of Fame

The board of directors of the National Association of Investment Companies (“NAIC”) selected JoAnn Price as an inductee into the organization’s Hall of Fame. The induction was made at NAIC’s 42 nd Annual Meeting and Convention on October 1st. The NAIC Hall of Fame is reserved for select individuals whose pioneering professional accomplishments and transformative personal leadership have contributed to the formation and growth of the industry. The induction marked only the second time in its 42-year history that the NAIC has selected inductees for the Hall of Fame.

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