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1 Research


Fairview continuously engages in broad and rigorous examinations of the market landscape to ensure we have the most complete information available, and that market shifts are identified ahead of the curve. We strive to constantly remain ahead of industry trends through interactions with business thought leaders, participation in leading industry organizations, and the analysis of industry data and publications. Customized research can be provided to clients addressing specific areas of strategic importance.

2 Manager

Manager Selection

Collectively, the Fairview team has identified and invested in more than 200 private market partnerships. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of every partnership investment under consideration. Our selection process includes a thorough quantitative and qualitative assessment of the partnership team. Specifically, we seek to identify and invest in quality fund managers that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • A true partnership or team – not just a collection of individuals;
  • Strong but respected leadership inside the organization;
  • Education and business/operating experience commensurate with the proposed investment strategy;
  • Complementary skills and strengths within the team;
  • An organization that is both energized and motivated.


We utilize our time tested approach to portfolio construction and management to develop attractive fund of funds portfolios diversified along several dimensions. Our industry knowledge, coupled with our well-grounded efforts in macro and fundamental research give us an edge in building portfolios that can achieve a wide range of risk / return targets.

At the fundamental level, each portfolio is diversified across several dimensions to mitigate risk and dampen volatility. Fairview also has the ability to incorporate specialized strategies such as direct co-investments and secondary opportunities to develop portfolios with enhanced return profiles.



Each partnership we commit to is continually monitored for adherence to stated strategies, investment guidelines and other agreements. Monitoring is critical in assessing the progress of each investment and provides the foresight necessary to identify and address any potential issues at an early stage. Monitoring is accomplished through a variety of activities, including active participation on fund advisory boards and frequent interactions with funds managers.